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SP9000MB-500 Digital Infrared Thermal Image System
LA-1200 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
LA-400 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
LA-200-I/II Multi-Channel Laser With TENS Function Therapy System
LA-200-III/IV Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
IT-85 Non-contact IR Dry-Eye Diagnostic System
P-32 Infrared Detection Temperature Measurement System
SP9000MB-500FT Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Monitoring System
SPECTRUM9000MB-500 Digital Infrared Thermal Image System
  High Resolution IR Camera: 320 x 240 pixels
  Detector: Room Temperature Microbolometer
  Wavelength: 7~14μm
  Scanning Frequency: 60HZ
  Smallest Resolution: 0.07℃
  Temperature Monitoring Range: 10℃~40℃
  Operating Environment: 18℃~28℃
  Detection Distance: 60cm~∞
  Spatial Resolution 1.0 mrad
  Digital High Speed Image Transfer Card
  Power Source: 115VAC/60HZ or 220VAC/50Hz (optional)
  IASNET2 Image Processing Software
   Instantaneous image viewing
   Instantaneous image multiple point temperature recording
   Motion image capture , instant capture and viewing
   Independent still image analysis software
   Temperature analysis block, multiple image selections
   Record analysis report in real time
      One step report printing
 System Features
Infrared Camera
Indoor room temperature sensing device does not require cooling unit, can be used instantly when powered on. Weighing only 2.45Kg(5Lb), light and portable, camera lenses are coated on Germanium in order to filter out undesired wavelengths, increasing monitor precision. System developed and manufactured in domestically but image quality is one of the highest in the world for diagnosis.
Dedicated Up and Lowering Pole
Using special safety, silent gears, unique platform camera quickly moves up and down to match the test subject’s angle and position, saving operation manpower and time, incorporating many ergonomic designs. The camera is locked tightly on platform to prevent dislodging or intentional disassembly, maintaining the complete and holistic operation of the system. On the right side of the platform is a switch to control the raising and lowering of the camera, the camera platform with the stand can aid the user easily and accurately adjust position and focus on patient.
German Medical Grade Tires
German medical grade tires, wear resistant, highly stable support the entire system and also anti-slipping mechanism can fix the system at the same location, preventing the system’s movement or collapse due to collision.
Retractable keyboard and mouse, stainless steel handle, hotlink storage plate.
When in operation, the mouse and keyboard can be flipped open for use, when finished it can be restored into the machine platform. No wasted space, no contamination of dust and germs; Besides, the stainless steel Handle is designed for convenience moving of the system, it can be easily pushed or pulled toward the desired direction of movement, a system that is easy to move, even girls can do it! Hotlink line storage holder allows the user to take the camera’s signal line (hotlink) use only what you need, a convenient storage design after usage platform.
Monitor Fixing Device
The monitor sometimes can be changed in dimension by the request of client. Therefore specific used fixing device also plays an important role, can use various sized displays to firmly placed above the system platform, and it is easy to install and easy to cleanup.
Emergency Power Control Button
The main system computer control button which controls the main system power entirely, and is soft emergency electricity shut off safety measures, when the operating personnel senses any kinds of situation that occur inappropriately. This is called emergence button. For directly shut off the power, yet the system itself would not be damaged and protect user without fear.
 Software Function
Real-time Image Description

This system can be used to meet different needs, providing multi-colored plates, can coordinate with special needs, and adjust displace color scale.

Patient History Database
The system provides complete patient history database functions, the user can conveniently manage, quickly search and can make a complete patient history integration and tracking according to the patient’s different therapies and different symptoms.
Motion Image, Instant Temperature Display
Instant motion image display window, Can display instantaneous infrared thermal images and provide heat spot and ROI functions.
Instant image playback, Can instantly conduct therapy before and after comparisons.
Therapy image list function, Can display all images taken during the same therapy session for instant comparisons.
Instant medical direction establishment, Can instantly establish symptom, diagnosis, therapy procedures etc., information.
Motion Image
Instant motion image display: can use functional software to expand image size to 640*480 for easier observation by Doctor.
Temperature Trend
For particular points of interest, can display instantaneous temperature trend line. Suitable for instant treatment evaluation and specific temperature monitoring etc., as various diagnostic applications.
Still Image Analysis
Still image analysis: The system provides complete image analysis function, can make before/after temperature distribution comparisons for the same therapy session on patient, at the same time one can coordinate with research requirements to output original data. Comprehensive utility functions with user friendly interfaces to Doctor diagnosis.
 System Application
Thermal imaging system is a highly precision instrument for instant accurate image display profile reaches the medical grade effectiveness. No matter for physician’s clinical application or for academic organization required precise experiments can all apply the system as excellent research tools. Related key information can be found at “Clinical Application” page, the system is developed and integrated by domestic research teams, we can cooperate with customized software design used by research department, which cannot be done by regular sale distributors. For promoting the new domestic infrared technology, we actively cooperate and support other research units with interest to proceed with their specific projects. If you’re interested, please go to the “Government, Enterprise and Academic Cooperation” Page, download the Cooperation letter table. Or you can also go to the message board to leave your information and get in touch with us.
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