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LA-400 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
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SP9000MB-500FT Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Monitoring System
Award "2006 Award of Innovative Products Prizes"

LA-400 "United Integrated Services" Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System

   Laser Type: Semiconductor Laser
   Laser Wavelength: 660nm, 808nm
   Output Power: 3 selections (Max is 60mw)
   Output Frequency: 6 selections (Max is 50Hz)
   Output Wave Type: Sin Wave and Continue Wave
   Output Channel: Individual 4 channel for different time interval setup
   Cupped Laser: Patented laser rod design integrated integrated with cup to enhance curing effect
   Power Supply: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
   Battery: Li-Polymer (Optional)
 System Function
Laser Device Integrated Cupping Mask (Laser Therapy): Unique patented laser design integrated with cupping mask. Enhanced effect with integrating acupuncture and cupping function of traditional Chinese therapy so that it can provide the best cure in therapy. This unique cupping mask with rapid releasing pressure function can prevent the uncomfortable sense of the patient and the devastation of tissue from dismantling the device.

Auto-pumping and Cup-releasing design: A new creative invention of auto-pumping and the pressure sensitivity with the maximum pumping pressure sets no more then 300 mmHg. The pump with safety feature of build-in test (BIT) design gives total peace of mind when the cup-released happens, at the same time, the laser acupuncture (therapy) will power-off automatically. (Available in Asia Pacific Countries)
Unique Operating Software: The system operating software offers the adjustments of output arguments, special therapy, past treatments, treatment parameters setup, treatment time period display and so on…very user friendly.
 System Features
A new Laser therapy instrument utilizes the semiconductor Laser integrated with traditional cup design generating an innovative therapy system.
Apparently, using stable coherent laser power source transfers an adequate energy into the body to energize or recover the nerve communication consistently in order for treating effect. It indicates some reaction immediately on vascular circulation via corresponding laser energy . Other special effect is to stimulate the termination of nerve system and emit the balance median to adjust the body bio-stimulation efficiently. In additions, utilizing laser power and various frequencies will improve the pain control ability including stimulation for the peripheral vascular circulation and bio-stimulation operation in body organization.
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