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SP9000MB-500 Digital Infrared Thermal Image System
LA-1200 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
LA-400 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
LA-200-I/II Multi-Channel Laser With TENS Function Therapy System
LA-200-III/IV Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
IT-85 Non-contact IR Dry-Eye Diagnostic System
P-32 Infrared Detection Temperature Measurement System
SP9000MB-500FT Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Monitoring System
LA-200-I/II "United Integrated Services" Multi-Channel Laser With TENS Function Therapy System
   Display: Iconized, Monochrome LCD Display

   Interface: Plastic Push Buttons
   Air Hose Plug: Twin Air Hose Connectors (Speed Fasteners)
   Laser Output Plug: Twin Laser & TENS Output Plugs (1394 Port)
   Laser Power Output: Low: 10mW, Medium: 30mW, High: 50mW (Milliwatt)
   Laser Wave Output: Continuous Wave (DC), Sin Wave 1Hz, Sin Wave 10Hz
   Therapy Time: 3 / 5 / 10 / 15 min.
   Negative Pressure Strength (Cup): 12 Levels Adjustable with min. -160mmHg, max. -300mmHg
   TENS Mode: 3 Preset Modes & Automatic Recirculation Mode
   TENS Strength: 12 Levels Adjustable
   TENS Speed: 12 Adjustable Levels
   Power Supply: Household Power or AA Batteries x 4
 System Function & Features
"Medical Total Solution" has been an ultimate goal under Western / Chinese medicine. Until now, UIS has successfully developed a brand new product which integrates LLLT, TENS, Acupuncture and Cupping. An all-in-one total solution device called "UIS Multi-Channel Laser With TENS Function Therapy System" or model name: "LA-200-I/II".

By customizing the wave lengths, frequencies, output strengths of LLLT or with the extra feature of TENS, the end users are capable of achieving pain management, better metabolism with the comfort and privacy at home. New device received many patents, included the innovative negative pressure with automatic pressure sensing design. Build-In Laser/TENS Auto Shut-Off feature intercepts whenever the cup falls off during the therapy. Such safety function complies with the most important aspect of any laser devices, the protection.

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