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SP9000MB-500 Digital Infrared Thermal Image System
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LA-400 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
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IT-85 Non-contact IR Dry-Eye Diagnostic System
P-32 Infrared Detection Temperature Measurement System
SP9000MB-500FT Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Monitoring System
Award "2007 Award of Innovative Products Prizes"
IT-85 Non-contact IR Dry-Eye Diagnostic System

  Detector Type: Un-cooled Microbolometer
  Spectral Response: 7~14μm
  Image Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  Spatial Resolution: 1.3 mrad
  Frame Rate: 60HZ
  Accuracy: ±0.3℃ @ 22℃ (ITRI Approval)
  Lens: F/#1.4, 35mm
  NETD: 0.07℃
 System Features

  Fully Safe Protection
  Quick Examination

 System Application
Base on digital infrared thermal image system SP9000MB (FDA 510K K020783), non-contact IR Dry-Eye diagnostic system IT-85 is safe, comfortable, accurate, fast. IT-85 instrument measures an accurate temperature variation of eyes response by detecting of few second with eye open and close actions to determine the break up time and quality of tear distribution. The new dry eye machine can finally diagnose the level of dry-eye degradation. IT-85 system which conforms to green environmental protection standard is non-radiation, non-contact, non-anesthesia, non-fluorescent reagent for the patients.
 IT-85 Special Report
A new development of Non-contact IR dry-eye diagnostic system (IT-85) by the Electro Optical Department of United Integrated Service Co, Ltd. (UIS) had been awarded the innovative product prize of 2007 Taipei Int'l Show on Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals & Bio-technology. Dr. O Chang, the V.P. of UIS, had received the special interview from New Tang Dynasty Asia Pacific Television (NTDTV) during the exhibition. The video above is the special report about 'The innovation of Bio-technology in Taiwan, the main point of consideration to everyone' from NTDTV.
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