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        The E-O department of United Integrated Service Co. Ltd (UIS), originally merged from the Telesis Technologies Co., in July 2003, The vice president of UIS, Dr. O Chang, has exerted his professional experience in military Infrared science accumulated from his academic work in Chung-Shang Institute of Technology (CSIST) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Most technologies of E-O achievement are integrated with special hardware and software specialists in electronics, optics and image processing for the medical instrument of the DITI Thermograph and IR security systems applied in commercial areas.
Technical Resources
Infrared Thermograph: Key Technologies – The smallest electronic unit (EU) of image processing and single driver board for controlling thermal image sensor of MB. The EU is composed by analog/digital converter, automatic temperature control and compensation electronic circuit for MB.
PC based thermograph software, thermograph software source code and electronics firmware along with establishing and integrating of database platform for users are also among our key technologies.
Low-Level Laser: Patented design of integrating laser with suction cup. A built-in quick pressure relief valve on the suction cup preventing sense of discomfort or tissue damage of the patient. A new invention of combining auto-suction and pressure sensing, which allows a maximum suction pressure of 280mmHg and cuts off laser automatically when suction cup fall off, is also incorporated with our low-energy laser devices. A designated operating software with the ability to adjust channels, output power, frequency, time, pressure, memory mode and quick set-up function is provided with our devices. Multiple laser output allows for a simultaneous treatment on various body parts.
Product Application
Medical Application: Digital infrared thermal imaging diagnosis system (SPECTRUM9000MB-500), Digital infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring system (SPECTRUM9000MB-500FT), multi-point laser acupuncture device (LA-1200/LA-400), Infrared fast body temperature measuring system (P-32).
Industrial Application: The new infrared camera is used vastly in factory high-temperature monitoring, power plant, rescue search, transportation monitoring, night navigation, border coast defense and safety detecting guards, etc.
Military Application: gun sight, tank sight , night vision monitoring, etc.
Research and Development Achievement
        The Electro-Optical Department of UIS was established on July of 2003. Combining professional technology rooted from Chung-Shang Institute of Technology and Industrial Technology Research Technology, we have developed various high tech infrared application products based on infrared optoelectronics. Among them, Digital Infrared Thermal Image System (Spectrum 9000MB) utilizing a high-sensitivity infrared camera to acquire real-time thermal images indicating difference of body temperature. The infrared thermal imaging technology is very helpful in diagnosing circulatory and nervous system diseases. It can also be applied to the area of pain spotting, assessment of neurological surgery and peripheral circulation and metabolic diseases. We have also developed a comprehensive thermal images analyzing software with the ability to establish and manage clinical database, display and acquire thermal images, analyze and summarize temperature data, amongst other functions.
        Infrared Detection Temperature Measurement System (P-32) is another product developed by Electro-Optical Department utilizing infrared technology to measure body temperature. During the time when SARS and H1N1 were spreading globally, body temperature monitoring became a vital part of preventing the epidemic from wide spreading. We would like to do our part to stop the epidemic by providing useful body temperature monitoring devices at a reasonable price to achieve the goal of rapid body temperature management.
        In 2006, we have successfully developed Multi Laser Therapy System with a patented design of combining low-energy laser with suction cup function to ease inflammation, relieve pain and improve circulation. Shortly after acquiring medical certification, hundreds of devices were sold to rehabilitation centers and Chinese medicine centers within half a year. The system has successfully acquired US FDA and China SDA certificate in 2009. We are now actively incorporating with local professionals in the medical field to bring various applications of low-energy laser technology to the area of cosmetic medication and clinical research of post dental surgery treatment. The potential of the technology holds a very promising future.
Future Prospect
        The various medical applications of infrared thermal imaging technology are being researched and developed in many countries and are highly regarded globally during the recent years. There is also a great potential in the field of applied medical low-energy laser technology. The Electro-Optical Department of UIS will strive to provide the most advanced products and continue to improve the quality of various devices based on low-energy laser and infrared thermal imaging technology with our innovative research and development effort. In the Electro-Optical Department, we always aim at developing high-tech products to help our clients to gain the upmost competitive edge. Our mission is to promote the applications of low-energy laser and infrared thermal imaging technology, expand its market and continuous provide our service in the industry.
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