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 SPECTRUM9000MB-500 Digital Infrared Thermal Image System Q&A
  Q1. If thermograph has real effectiveness in medical diagnosis, why still not so popular in usage?
  A1. In most western medical usage, they have accumulated decades of diagnostic experience, additionally periodical academic interaction caused this technology available and higher usage rate. Domestic doctors and researchers have come in contact with this technology for relatively shorter amount of time but are showing the trend of catching up, the techniques and usage rate is growing greatly every year. Furthermore, we have periodic academic conventions to conduct interactions, allow more people to understand about infrared thermal imaging application.
  Q2.Is Thermograph limited in its specialization of application?
  A2. There are no specific rules on which specialization to be used, we welcome any interest in trying new medical directions or research project specialists in applying for “Economic, Government and Academic Cooperative Project”.
  Q3. Why does the system only accept 7~14μm wavelengths, is there no way to accept other wavelengths?
  A3. For the pursuit of 100% accuracy, the IR cameras are coated by 8-14mm film on Germanium lens, and filter out other unrelated wavelengths caused. If other wavelengths are to be taken in, the cameras must be changed, if you have further inquiries, you are welcomed to make them by phone, or go to the message board to leave question. We are pleased to have specialists to answer them for you.
  Q4. The system has some functions that customer does not need, but also some functions that user would like to add on, can the UIS help customer to add new functions for alternative?
  A4. If there are any need for software or hardware additions or modifications, we’re pleased to have you to leave a message on these requirements, when both parties reach an agreement, we make the customer’s needs as higher priority, and a customized system on request.
  Q5. How deep can the thermograph monitoring reach?
  A5. This instrument emphasizes on monitoring of human body surface temperatures, it is not a problem of depth, because any physiological illnesses on any part of the body will be expressed on the skin, for example if the deep internal organs, like the stomach, liver, lung, heart, etc., have dysfunctions, will have warning signs shown through the body surface temperature. As long as the testing part has a temperature difference larger than 0.07℃ , the instrument will detect its response and show on the screen for diagnosis.
  Q6. Can the system take continuous recordings?
  A6. Yes, as long as the camera connects to a recorder via video cable.
  Q7. What differences does this system have against other instruments?
  A7. Other than the improved precision in software and hardware, the most important change is the new system’s minute-temperature sensing device, used by the military, the MB sensor which offers high sensitivity, and does not require a cooling system; whereas other old instruments’ sensors use a cooled system which require approximately 30 minutes of warm-up time and periodic filling of liquid nitrogen. Furthermore, this uncooled system is a real time, instantaneous image processing system, allows more ease in operations, especially in digital image processing, analysis, comparison, file management, automatic adjusting for background temperature and provide reliable baseline reference number. All of above are features of our system.
  Q8. What differences does this system have against other image diagnostic tools?
  A8. X-ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound imaging diagnostic instruments are penetrative and dissection diagnosis machines, they have potential dangers. Infrared thermal imaging is non-invasive and does not emit radiation, similar to EKG, EEG, EMG, physiological motion image diagnostic instruments, it can reflect changes in temperature, and provide another reference in clinical trial.
  Q9. What kind of environments can this system be applied for?
  A9. Recommendation (a) in room temperature of approximately 22℃ , and humidity between 65~75% (b) avoid excess light and heat source interferences.
  Q10. Can reports be printed?
  A10. Yes, printers can be connected externally.
  Q11. How many image documents can be stored?
  A11. The current system’s storage capacity is 40GB, number of storable images depend on the file size, on average colored images are 520KB per file, black-and-white images are 61KB per file.
  Q12. Can IR cameras be removed for independent operations?
  A12. The cameras are equipped with 15 feet of cable, it can be disassembled and placed on tripods for operations, but the system uses specific software, the camera cannot be used independently.
  Q13. Can the system be purchased by term payments?
  A13. Please contact our company’s sales department for further details.
  Q14. What services are included with the system sold?
  A14. Other than the system software, it also includes operation and diagnostic etc, complete training and setup steps and related environmental layout request.
 LA-1200 Compound Laser Therapy (Acupuncture) with Cupping System Q&A
  Q1. If patient felt no specific sensations during the processing, does it express the system doesn’t work correctly? Are other similar systems on the market to be more effective?
  A1. This system uses low energy laser for safety consideration. During the period of usage, Dr. use the number of therapy steps as one integrated therapy cycle, this allows energy to gradually accumulate and affect the body in a mild response, not like using a single high energy therapy and high energy therapies process will incur probably a potential dangers, and for person with poor health can also have adverse effects. So pain feeling that does not so obvious on response, and patient does not need to worry about it.
  Q2. How much time per use session is required for effectiveness?
  A2. We recommend maintain each therapy cycle about 15~25 minutes, the patient’s feelings are of priority while coupled with cupping. If the patient feels uncomfortable, then need to stop immediately, and subsequently increase the number of sessions while decreasing the time for each session, the same effect can be reached.
  Q3. If the cupping glasses are damage, how can it be repaired?
  A3. If still within the period of warranty, the user can contact original manufacturer immediately. If manufacturer has stock, temporary replacements can be provided immediately; if not within the warranty, repair fees and material fees will be charged.
  Q4. If the system does not satisfy the specific function, can it be upgrade from the manufacturer?
  A4. If the customer has requirements for changes, the customer can make application for internal discussion and detailed research, if the changes within the acceptable design category, then it can be made. If the customer desires to make modifications to match his own usage convenience, the manufacturer will charge an extra fee for it.
  Q5. Why can’t the laser be illuminated by eye? Why eyes always feel nothing uncomfortable while in lasing exposure?
  A5. Direct laser exposure into the retina of the eyes will cause damage and create damaged spots on the retina, people may not feel the effects when young, but as one ages, he will feel more serious effect by direct exposure. Thus, we strictly require, no matter the operator or the patient to wear protective goggles, persons can not operate the system without wearing protective goggles.
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