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2000 years ago, Hippocrates discovered that using the heat generated by the human body can be a tool for diagnosis and confirming the location of pains and diseases. His invention was to spread a thin layer of mud on the patient’s body, and then recorded the drying and cracking for the mud at the locations of inflammation, thus confirming that human body temperature reflects the body condition. In 1840, scientists discovered a category of radiation spectrum “outside of the red light”, and studied its effects on planar images, and called it “Thermograph”.

After over a century, in 1956 the US Defense Department allowed the medical community to use a type of infrared imaging system which was originally used for military applications, but in medical diagnostic use, it can be utilized to explain the phenomenon of heat radiation from the human body.

Medical thermal imaging diagnostic system apply this principle to explain the heat produced by the human body, expanding its application can increase the sensitivity of detection in abnormal conditions, especially for blood vessel/ metabolic high or low activity, the image is produced for higher or lower temperature comparison with the surrounding area, through the highly sensitive digital infrared imaging system, one can precisely pin-point areas of abnormal condition, invisible to the naked eyes.

The SP9000MB-500 can instantly display temperature changes and differences in body circulation, computers can be used to precisely process the increase contrast or store images for later analysis. All software design is especially for medical diagnosis and academic use, completely matching the needs of the user.

The below are results from long term cooperation with each major hospitals, sharing experience is for the passing on of knowledge, you’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

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