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   What is Infrared?  
   Infrared has over 200 years of history
  Nearly 20 decades, some advanced physical phenomenon can be used as the theoretical basis for modern thermal imaging technology. In 1800, Herschel used a prism to split up the sunlight, and he also directed the rays at the mercury bulb with a thermometer to test the energy represented by the rise in temperature.
   Relationship between Thermal Radiation and Infrared
  Objects at absolute zero (-273℃)will emit thermal energy from its surface via thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is one of the electromagnetic waves in the 0.1~100μm wavelength band, the emitted radiation is related directly with the temperature of the object, and is related indirectly with the material property of the object and the medium in the transmitting space.
   The separation of infrared frequency sections
  Infrared is a type of electromagnetic wave, its wavelength is between 0.78~1000μm, its shorter waves can connect with visible light range, and the long wave overlap with the micro-wave range. In this range of wavelength that is covered by the infrared, different fields of application with its different separation in this spectrum.
   Infrared sensor technology  
   Sensor technology development and history
  The development of infrared imaging technology started early, due to the key component (detector) was very expensive, had a short lifespan, or made unclear images and other limiting reasons, therefore it was limited mostly for military and aerospace applications.
   Types of Sensors
  Infrared sensor is categorized into two types according to its material and transmittance wavelength, one is for the photon sensor (capture infrared as photons and using electro-optics for processing), the other is heat sensor (utilizing the physical changes caused by the electromagnetic wave energy of the infrared light – mainly for heat effect).
   Application of infrared technology  
   From the Hsung-Fong missile to disease detection – about the        infrared imaging diagnostic system By Chang Tien Chun  
  Infrared radiation emitted from the body surface at a wavelength between to detect body temperature, and simultaneously draw out the body temperature distribution graph.
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