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SP9000MB-500 Digital Infrared Thermal Image System
LA-1200 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
LA-400 Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
LA-200-I/II Multi-Channel Laser With TENS Function Therapy System
LA-200-III/IV Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
IT-85 Non-contact IR Dry-Eye Diagnostic System
P-32 Infrared Detection Temperature Measurement System
SP9000MB-500FT Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Monitoring System
LA-1200 "United Integrated Services" Multi-Channel Laser Therapy System
   Laser Intensity: 60mWatt[max]
   Frequency: 1Hz, 2Hz, 10Hz, 50Hz(Adjustable)
   Wave Shape: Square wave, Sine wave, Triangular wave, and Continuous wave
   Wavelength: Red, Infrared (660nm、808nm)
   12 channels: 4 soft cups, eight hard cups (can be custom select)
   Touch screen with variable adjustment on display
   Program mode record
   Length of wires 1.5m (Max.)
   Special wired stop button (for patient use)
   Main unit emergency stop button (for physician use)
   Alert sound (System on or emergency stop sound alarm)
   Automatic cup suction device with auto-pressure sensing, cut-off automatically when cup is detached. (Available in Asia Pacific Countries)
 System Function
Laser Device Integrated Cupping Glass: Unique patented laser design and cupping glass, integrated silicon cup. Enhanced effect with integrating acupuncture and cupping function.           


Selectable Wave Shape Output: Providing square wave, sine wave, triangular wave and continuous wave (CW) for selection. Different wave setting simulates different therapeutic effect. For example square wave simulates the effect of up and down penetration feeling, sine wave provide the spin effect as real acupuncture.  
Output Frequency Adjustment: Different syndrome and illnesses can be treated with specific effects by using different laser wavelengths, frequencies and wave shape. LA-1200 system allows users to adjust laser output frequencies and power rate according to user’s preference.
Output Power Adjustment: Patients have different tolerances for the intensities of therapies, and different illnesses requires different power outputs on different level. Also power adjustments can be made to the maximum of 60mW of energy according to the patient's need.  
Output Channel Selection: Offering 12 sets of channel, user can arbitrarily select channels with different therapy time selections.  
Timing Setting: The therapy treatment timing setting function is shown in the right function control display. Power is automatically shut-off when therapy cycle is completed, and an alarm will sound when therapy cycle finished.  
Software Function: Intelligent touch screen user interface integrated with system software, developed by a professional team in the E-O department of UIS. With convenient touch screen operation, the unit can easily set the variables for each channel, stores customized therapy sessions and optional Thermal Printer functions. The unit prints every patient's therapy record in order to keep track of the progress of each patient.  
 System Features
Utilizing the unique therapeutic effect of acupuncture and cupping from Chinese traditional medicine, combining with modern Chinese scientific medical system design concept. UIS develops brand new compound therapy medical equipment instead of the invasive needle type of acupuncture.
This system integrates low power laser acupuncture with cupping glasses which achieves automatic suction holding design and user friendly operating interface. It is an innovative medical equipment which holds multiple patents world wide.
LA-1200 advances the laser technology to replace the traditional fine needle acupuncture. At the same time, the special cupping design yields biological stimulation and biochemical reactions. Automatic suction cupping glasses promotes blood circulation during the operations. It is safe and without causing any capillary bleeding. Touch screen interface design is easily to set variables and select output channels, automatic suction device on positioning. Using non-invasive method on specific wavelength and low power laser needles will stimulate acupuncture points in therapy, generating effects of pain reduction and increased peripheral circulation.
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